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Mapu Monochromatic Black And White In Tel Aviv
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located near the beach and Dizengoff Center a very relaxing and well styled loft

What's in it?

This holiday apartment in tel aviv has a cool decor. It is black and white modern style decor with splashes of bright red for contrast. This funky fun exciting vacation rental in tel aviv is yours to relax in or entertain guests. You will have as much fun in the apartment as you do out of it. You can bring back a beer or a nice bottle of wine. All the shops will have Israeli wines so make sure you try our rival to Frances wine country. And enjoy!

Ideal for short term rental in tel aviv

What is the area like?

This is the beach zone. You are near Frishman, Gordon and Bograshov beaches. The Tel Aviv marina is a short walk away near the Hilton Hotel and the new public pool facility. Shopping abounds all along the way to the Dizengoff Center. French, English and Hebrew all are spoken in the shops in this trendy neighborhood.

What shall I have for lunch?

Masada is at the beach and is close to the fast food chains. It has quick and tasty fare ranging from Caesar salad with chicken or local dishes such as shakshuka. The price is very reasonable and the view is straight to the sea. A cup of coffee and one of the signature desserts is a perfect way to spend a lazy moment after relaxing on the beach before you return to your loft for a quick shower and change to go out and enjoy Tel Aviv's nightlife.

Mike's place is next to KFC and has American music and lot's of American and Israeli visitors. The food is fast and good. It is designed after some American and Israeli compilations that are not quite one or the other yet keeps with the atmosphere of a bar/music hang out.

Where can I empty my wallet?

The Dizengoff Center is a leisurely walk through the neighborhood in the opposite direction from the beach. It has Israeli stores for clothing, shoes and souvenirs. While on the way you can scope out where you will have your next meal. there are as many restaurants here as there are shoe stores. Most menus are in English and Hebrew so as we say in Israel; BaTayAhvone. (Bon Appetite!)

Shuk HaCarmel and Sheinkin Street are in the same direction down Allenby which is parallel to the beaches. Walking is only about 15 minutes but you can spend hours on Sheinkin looking in shops that rival New York and Paris. Shuk HACarmel will give you a true taste of Israel. we shop here for food, vegetables, bread and clothes. You can stock your fridge or buy wine and beer here. This is the place to haggle. Usually you can get things for much less by offering a reasonable lower price.

Arts and Entertainment?

A walk south on the promenade will bring you to Old Jaffa. This is where Jonah was swallowed by the whale. So be careful getting too close to the water. the old port was one of the busiest in the ancient world. You can find ruins dating back to Ranses the third from Egypt to Jonah in the Hebrew bible to the American Colony in th early 1900's. In these old streets that wind and wend you will find the artist's colony which offers exquisite art. It is commended that judaica and objects of worship be beautifully decorated and it is apparent here that these artist take it seriously. If you find it here, buy it. These are usually one of a kind artists.


Let's Get Practical

All ATM's are in English, Hebrew and Russian. You can withdraw shekels at the most current rate of exchange. the Supermarket AM/PM are open 24 hours a day and are full service. Buses and cabs are on every street all day and night. Cabs can be negotiated for rates usually before you enter and ask the bus driver to ensure you are on the right bus.

Apartment Features
4 Guests
2 Bedrooms,
2 Bathrooms
Area 85 m 2
Ground Floor
located near the beach and Dizengoff Center
Rates starting at  € 
  • LCD TV
  • Queen size double bed
  • Wireless Connection
  • Cable/satellite TV
  • TV
  • Dishwasher
  • Gas stove
  • MicroWave
  • Pots & pans
  • Kettle
  • Fridge king sized
  • Shower
  • Bathtub
  • Credit card accepted
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Oven
  • Receipt upon request

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Price from 146€
Refundable Deposit €0
Cleaning Cost €100
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