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Derech Bethlehem Palm Garden Cafe 2 Jerusalem
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a great two bedroom in a very quiet neighborhood in Jerusalem the owner is on site and will help you make the most of your vacation

What's in it?

This is an arab style holiday apartment from 1920. It has high ceilings, original floors and a main hall. You can sit and relax in this vacation rental in jerusalem with a book or set out your dinner there to enjoy and make your apartment that much larger and cozier.You walk through the garden cafe to get to your front door and private balcony overlooking the gardens. The gardens have taken years to plan and grow and it is obvious as you sit and relax with your croissant and cup of coffee from the restaurant. The owner also has a bakery and all the pastries, pies and cakes are made in her kitchen. Ideal for short term rental in jerusalem








What is the area like?

This is the heart of Bakaa. It is a neighborhood only minutes to downtown Jerusalem by foot or by bus. You can walk along Derech Betlehem Street and see all the old buildings that now house shops, cafes and restaurants while maintaining the old city charm of its streets. You are on ly 10 minutes to the famous German Colony which was settled by pilgrims to the Holy Land who decided to settle and call Israel their home. It has many "Templar" style houses from the late 1880's. There are even more trendy shops, restaurants and cafes. Here along this short expanse of street you will find Tal Bagels which offers a great american type breakfast and the best bagel in Jerusalem.


What shall I have for lunch?

In the German Colony you will find a traditional middle eastern restaurant called, Mirvad Haksamim. The business lunch is served until late in the afternoon all days except Fridays. You get the best lentil soup, lavah, main dishes, too. You can choose from grills with chicken, lamb or beef. It is all so good, I cannot imagine ordering something here that was not tasty. You can even share one at lunch and maybe try some hummus, or hummus with sauteed beef. On Fridays they prepare take away for guests to enjoy in their homes for the shabbat meal, even if you do not celebrate shabbat you can take some great food back to keep in your fridge for late night snacks. Most restaurants and shops are closed early on Fridays and most of the day on Saturdays.


Where can I empty my wallet?

The number 7 bus runs within a block of your apartment. You can take it here to the area of the King David Hotel. There are many high end shops near the King David Hotel and in the area of the YMCA. A further walk will bring you to the new Mamila Mall. The designers have managed to incorporate the old arab style homes here by reconstructing them after building the mall. Many of the buildings are new but I think you cannot tell the difference from the old style architechture. Continue to the end of the mall and you will see the stairs that will take you to the Jaffa Gate near the Tower of David. A tourist's mecca awaits you here at the daily bazaars. The old arab shuk is full of middle east designs and kitch. You can walk through to the Christian Quarter for more specific religious items and a great atmosphere with restaurants and cafes. Sit back and relax and enjoy the most religiously charged arena in the world.

Arts and Entertainment?

The Yad Vashem Museum takes a recent horrific event in the lives of the Jewish people and commemorates it in a way that will leave you in awe and wonder with a new determination for life. It is a must see to understand the struggle of a people and their attempt at religious identity in a land and a world that often looks down on the State of Israel.

The Tower of David is part of an old mosque compound, but before that it was the site of the tenth roman legion during Herod's rule. The tower is misnamed for David who probably never had a palace here rather he was on the southern part of this ancient city nearer the pools of Shiloah. In 70 A.D. when the Romans ravaged Jerusalem, Herod's palace was destroyed. The fortress of the Tower of David is all that remains of Herod's architectural wonder, which was said to have been grander even than the Holy Temple. According to legend, Titus of Rome spared the Tower of David so it would stand as a testimony to the might of the city he had conquered.

Let's Get Practical

You can walk to the street and find a bus to the heart of the city or on to the central bus station for buses and trains to all parts of Israel. A short walk will take you to the German Colony where even more buses will take you  to the city. Cabs are very cheap and are along all streets in Jerusalem 24 hours a day. On the streets of the city you will find tourist offices to get day trips north to Nazereth or ancient Tiberias. There are so many sites to see it is a good idea to look for tours to assist you in getting the most from your time here in Israel. ATMs are at every bank main office. You can receive shekels here at the most current rate of exchange. There are also cash exchange kiosks along the streets.


Apartment Features
4 Guests
2 Bedrooms,
1 Bathroom
Area 50 m 2
Ground Floor,
a great two bedroom in a very quiet neighborhood in Jerusalem
Rates starting at  € 
  • LCD TV
  • DVD player
  • Electric stove
  • Parking
  • Bed sofa
  • Queen size double bed
  • Kosher Kitchen
  • Wireless Connection
  • Cable/satellite TV
  • TV
  • Pots & pans
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Shower
  • Bathtub with Jacuzzi jets
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Mini Bar Fridge freezer
  • Baby cot

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